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Hawker Hurricane in Polish 302 Squadron colours.

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2 June 2023

Hawker Hurricane in Polish 302 Squadron colours


The Duxford based Historic Aircraft Collection’s Hurricane G-HURI, which is part of the Polish Heritage Flight, will pay tribute to Polish 302 ‘City of Poznan’ Squadron pilots F/Lt Tadeusz Chlopik and W/Cdr Julian Kowalski, with a dual colour scheme for the 2023 Season.


302 Squadron was based at Duxford for a short period during the Battle of Britain. On the 15 September 1940 the squadron, including F/Lt Chlopik and W/Cdr Kowalski, was scrambled to intercept German Bombers over RAF North Weald.


F/Lt Chlopik flying Hurricane P2954 WX-E, shared the destruction of a Dornier 17 before being shot down over North Weald. Despite bailing out he was killed. He was 32 years old. F/Lt Chlopik is buried in Sutton Road Cemetery, Southend on Sea.


W/Cdr Kowalski flying Hurricane P3935 WX-D destroyed a Dornier 17 and damaged another. He went on to Command 302 Squadron and in April 1944 Commanded No.1 Polish Wing from RAF Northolt. He was released from the Polish Air Force in 1947 retaining the rank of  Wing Commander.


At the end of the Second World War, with Poland under Soviet Communist occupation, like many it was felt unsafe to return home so Julian Kowalski remained in England. He started a career designing agricultural equipment for Ransomes, Sims & Jefferies Ltd. He lived in Ipswich until his death in December 1986.


Hawker Hurricane G-HURI will wear 302 Squadron code for the 2023 Season with the markings of F/Lt Tadeusz Chlopik (P2954 WX-E) on the Starboard side and W/Cdr Julian Kowalski (P3935 WX-D) on the Port side.


The 302 Squadron markings have been kindly sponsored by Vintage Fabrics at Audley End.


The Polish Heritage Flight is a volunteer project endorsed by the Historic Aircraft Collection.


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