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PAF discussion RAF Museum Cosford

6 Dec 2022

PAF discussion RAF Museum Cosford


The Shropshire European Organisation is hosting a discussion on the Polish Air Force at the RAF Museum Cosford on Saturday 10 December. It is scheduled to start at 13.00 and last approximately three hours with free entry and all are welcome.


The three guest speakers are the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee’s historical advisor and author of many books, Wojtek Matusiak, together with fellow PAF historians and authors Robert Gretzyngier and Piotr Hodyra. They will be flying in from Poland specifically for the event and will share their extensive knowledge and answer questions. The meeting time might slightly change, depending on their flight from Poland and traffic. 


Robert Gretzyngier: Author and co-author of many historical books, magazines and articles. Founder of Fundacji Historycznej Lotnictwa Polskiego. His magazine ‘Gapa’ is well known and recognized not only by the Polish community.


Wojtek Matusiak: Author and co-author of about 50 books on the history of aviation, published in various countries and languages. Author of hundreds of articles; editor of Lotniczy Magazyn Historyczny ‘Gapa’ and member of the Polish Aviation History Group that promotes the history of the WWII Polish Air

Piotr Hodyra: Author and co-author of historical books and articles. He is involved with Fundacja Historyczna Lotnictwa Polskiego and is perhaps best known for continuing Tadeusz Krzystek’s work on Lista Krzystka. On the website there is information gathered by Anna and Tadeusz Krzystek in the historical work 'Personnel of the Polish Air Force in Great Britain 1940-1947'.


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