Jan. 25th  Saturday

The Historic Aircraft Collection is hosting another of its popular ‘At Home Events’ in its hangar at IWM Duxford on Saturday 25 January. The subject of this event is ‘The role of the Polish Air Force in Britain during WW2’ and will be presented by the Chairman of the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee Richard Kornicki CBE, DL. The talk will be followed by a tour of the hangar and the opportunity to sit in the HAC’s MkVb Spitfire, which was actually flown during the war by Richard Kornicki’s father Franciszek Kornicki in the Polish 317 City of Wilno Squadron.


Full details are available on the HAC's website http://www.historicaircraftcollection.ltd.uk  or via email at hac@areovintage.co.uk T: 01580 830215

Sept. 5th  Saturday 


Northolt Commemoration Ceremony  


The annual and 60th Ceremony of Homage to Fallen Polish Airmen during World War II will be held at the Polish                      Air Force Memorial at South Ruislip on Saturday 5th September at 12.00 marking the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain. The ceremony will be conducted in both English and Polish and everyone is welcome. ​


Following the Ceremony guests will transfer to RAF Northolt for a reception and buffet luncheon. An application                      form for the lunch will be available at a later date.

Sept. 13th  Sunday  (TBC)               


Thanksgiving Service for the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain


Westminster Abbey, London, SW1P 3PA.



Applications for tickets, stating all names, addresses, place and date of birth and Passport or Driving Licence                             number of individuals wishing to attend, should be made in writing and are to be accompanied by a                                             stamped self-addressed envelope. Applications should reach Mrs Michèle Small, SO3 RAF Ceremonial                                      Events, RAF Ceremonial Office, Bentley Priory Building, RAF Northolt, West End Road, Ruislip, Middlesex,                            HA4 6NG  by the 17th July.


To assist with seating in the Abbey, applicants are requested to state which of the following categories is                                     appropriate:

                   * former Battle of Britain aircrew who would like to escort the Roll of Honour during the Service;

                   * relatives of aircrew who lost their lives in the Battle of Britain or since;

                   * past or present members of the Royal Air Force and its Reserve Forces;

                   * members of the Emergency Services or ground support staff during the Battle;

                   * members of the general public.


Please state if a wheelchair user.


Tickets, and a note on dress and timings for the occasion, will be issued two weeks before the Service.

Applications are not to be made to Westminster Abbey.


Representatives of the Polish government, the Polish Air Force, the Polish Air Force Memorial Committee and                  Polish squadron veterans and their descendants are expected to attend.


The 147 fighter pilots in the Polish Air Force engaged in the Battle of Britain played such a vital role in the                                 conflict. They represented 5% of the 2,936 aircrew that took part, but at the time were officially credited with                            8% or 216 of  the RAF’s overall 2,692 aerial victories for the loss of 30 pilots, 5.5% of the 544 aircrew lost                                during the Battle. The 303 Polish Kościuszko City of Warsaw Squadron, flying Hurricanes from  RAF Northolt,                        became by far the most successful fighter unit during the 16 weeks of the Battle. In the eight weeks it was                                  operational 303 Sqn was credited with 126 victories for the loss of eight of its pilots; six in actual combat. The                          Czechoslovakian Polish Air Force pilot Sgt Josef Frantiŝek, flying with 303 Sqn, was the most successful pilot in                    the Battle, credited with 17 aircraft destroyed and one probably destroyed.


"Had it not been for the magnificent material contributed by the Polish squadrons and their unsurpassed                                     gallantry, I hesitate to say that the outcome of the battle would have been the same."  - Air Chief Marshall Sir                             Hugh Dowding, Commander of RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain.



Sept. 27th Sunday (TBC)


Air Bridge Commemoration Service in remembrance of the casualties of the 1944 Warsaw Uprising


British Commonwealth and Polish War Graves Cemetery, London Road, Newark, Notts.

Guests and Standard Bearers assemble at Cemetery Gates 13.45.

Procession to the Air Bridge Memorial 14.00.

Remembrance Ceremony 14.15.                 

Oct. 25th  Sunday  (TBC)


All Souls' Ceremony in remembrance of the Polish Airmen who gave their lives in WW2.


British Commonwealth and Polish War Graves Cemetery, London Road, Newark, Notts. 14.30. 


Guests and Standard Bearers assemble at the Thoresby Avenue entrance for the procession to the Polish War                               Graves Cemetery.


Wreaths and lanterns will be laid by representatives of the Polish government, local authorities, the Polish Air                           Force, the Royal Air Force and veterans and their descendants.


The service will conclude at approximately 15.15 and all are welcome afterwards for light refreshments at                                  Newark Town Hall, Market Place, courtesy of the Town Mayor. Please note there is no vehicular access to the                          Market Place and charges apply in car parks on a Sunday.

The Friends of Newark Cemetery will open the cemetery’s Chapel Interpretation Centre with its General Sikorski                       exhibition.

For further information please contact: SimonPElmer@hotmail.co.uk

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