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Plumetot D-Day Commemoration.

19 March 2024

Plumetot D-Day Commemoration.


For the 80th anniversary of D-Day the Commune of Plumetot will be holding a commemoration ceremony at the Polish Air Force Memorial at 10.00 on Friday 7 June. PAFMC will be laying wreaths for the three Polish Squadrons stationed there.


The Plumetot Memorial was unveiled in the small Normandy village of Plumetot on Sunday 9 June 2019, as part of the events commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. The Memorial commemorates the Polish 131 Fighter Wing, comprising 302, City of Dęblin, 308 City of Kraków, and 317, City of Wilno Squadrons, which flew from Plumetot in August and September 1944 as the first units of the Polish Air Force to be based in France since 1940; more widely it marks the role played by fighter and bomber squadrons in helping secure the liberation of Normandy and of France.


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