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307 Squadron Project Anniversary event

19 Oct 2022

307 Squadron Project Anniversary Event

The 307 Squadron Project is holding a special anniversary event to honour the 307 Polish Squadron. This will be held on the 14-16 November at the City of Exeter Guildhall and the City’s Cathedral to mark the 80th anniversary of when the squadron presented the City with the Polish flag in a sign of international cooperation.

During the Second World War 307 Sqn was the only Polish night fighter squadron and defended the South West of England. The Lwów Eagle Owls airmen fought the Luftwaffe over the skies of Britain and prevented Exeter from being totally destroyed during the blitz on the city in 1942.


The main events are as follows:

* Flag Ceremony including RAF Brize Norton Parade

* Raising of the Polish Flag on Exeter Guildhall

* Free Exhibitions on 307 Squadron and Exeter Airport

* Choral Evensong incorporating 307 Squadron at Exeter Cathedral and much more.


More information is available on the 307 Squadron Project Facebook page


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