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Polish pilot’s exhibition in Kraków

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5 April 2023

Polish pilot’s exhibition in Kraków 


An exhibition in memory of Polish pilot Col Władysław Gnyś has opened in the Aviation Museum in Kraków.  The exhibition includes a display of his medals, decorations and other artefacts, a full size cut out photograph of him taken in 1938 and an information board in Polish and English.  These are all appropriately in front of a PZL P. 11c, believed to be the only one in existence.


Władysław Gnyś is considered to be the first Allied pilot to have achieved an aerial victory in the Second World War.  When Germany invaded Poland on 1 September 1939 he chased a formation of Dornier Do17s and two of these collided and crashed. It is officially assumed they we lost due to his action.


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